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Poutine de chez Becker's (?, JAPON)

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 1 commentaire sur la poutine
   (7 août 2009)
It tasted… ok. I’d been avoiding it because I heard some awful things about their poutine, like lukewarm gravy and stuff, but it was almost like when poutine first made it’s appearance in southern Ontario. They use something like mozzarella instead of cheese curds (you need a cheese factory nearby for fresh curds anyways), and the gravy was on the salty side but pretty good for being in Japan. For the uninitiated, poutine is the beautiful artery clogging French Canadian dish that should be popular all over the world, it’s only a matter of time. Fries + cheese + gravy, how could this not be a winning combination?

It’s incredible that this obscure French Canadian dish is even being served in a Japanese burger and coffee chain. And, maybe because of my low expectations, it’ll definitely be good enough for my rare poutine fixes.
Poutine - Becker
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